Girls Rugby

Junior Girls Rugby is live and strong amongst the 19 Junior Clubs in Wellington. With around 430 girls registered under the age of (13), Wellington has one of the biggest junior girl player bases in the New Zealand Rugby Community.

There are several ways for girls in the Wellington region to experience and play rugby. Some clubs offer a nursery grade for our U5 players which is the beginning of their rugby playing journey. They then move on to U6 and U7 grades which introduce rugby through its non-contact form of rippa rugby. This teaches the key skills of running rugby without the tackle. From there, the WRFU Girls RDO runs rippa to tackle modules during the junior pre-season (during term one of the school year). These are 'girls only' events which enable the girls to learn the tackle technique in a safe and comfortable environment; it also provides opportunity for friendships to form, something that can be a challenge for those in teams filled with boys.

Tackle rugby is available for girls in junior club, up to and inclusive of U13. Those girls who are heading to college are also able to apply for dispensation in their year 9 year if there is no rugby available at their college. At present, there is no girls only grade in club rugby, however it is something to seriously be considered in the future.

For those girls who play other sports but wouldn't mind a taste of rugby, our Girls RDO is available to work in schools. This provides an introduction to the sport without the commitment to a team or club. Although the majority of the in-school rugby is rippa rugby, there is also the opportunity for tackle if requested. The other plus side of in-school rugby is the girls only component; the highlight of which would have to be the girls only rippa rugby tournament held by the WRFU RDO crew, which saw 21 teams from all over the region come together for a day of fun and competition in Cannon's Creek.

If any of the information on here has grabbed your attention please contact:

WRFU Girls Rugby Development Co-ordinator
Grace Cooper
Ph: 021 357 090

WRFU Junior Rugby Administrator
Tammy Ferreira

Ph: 021 527 678